I'm a mom, editor and manager, reporter and writer, storyteller and marketer, even entrepreneur. And, since a recent move to Brooklyn, I have added gardener to the list—although I admit I am far less proficient in this role. 

I got my start in consumer magazines, gaining vital packaging and copywriting skills from some of the best editors in the business, and seamlessly pivoted into the digital space. I am especially well-versed in the ways of the women’s magazine service sector, and, having owned a successful line of children's clothing, I learned effective marketing and branding strategies from the inside out. Whatever you need—single story to content strategy to a start-to-finish magazine—I know how to give you what you need. 

My wide range of interests includes but is not limited to family and parenting, health and psychology, food and crafts, travel and lifestyle, beauty and fashion, and home and design, and my clients have included such magazines and sites as Parents and Parents.com, Real Simple, buybuyBaby, Hallmark, Sandra Lee, Redbook, Modern Farmer, Readymade, Country Living, and InStyle.