In my career as a senior-level editor, writer, and content strategist for print and digital media, I have honed the ability to create and corral words and images for maximum appeal. It's a skill I can be counted on to bring to every project, whether I'm writing lively copy or sharpening the copy of others, wrangling experts or reimagining sites and magazines.

This service-driven magazine piece brings analysis and perspective to how our spending habits have been shaped by the pandemic. Find more parenting, beauty, home, and feature stories.

Real Simple | Balance

It Feels Good to be Frugal

Whether by necessity or choice, many of us are getting by on less—and discovering that being more intentional about spending is an important part of self-care.
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An 84-page magazine (below) I produce for buybuyBaby to give to new customers is a fun and informative mix of editorial service and store product, which provides expectant parents with the expertise they need to register now and plan for the future. Find more brand content. 


Baby Registry Guide 2021

We've got everything baby needs. (Except Hugs. That's all you.)
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The quick one-page roundtable below offers insight from a spectrum of thought leaders. See more of these curated interviews, which cover topics that are on all our minds these days.

Real Simple | 5 Perspectives

A Greener Planet, One Person at a Time

These experts are working tirelessly on climate solutions—and they invite you to play your own important role.
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The Real Simple magazine piece below explores the latest science behind how sunlight affects our health and mental wellbeing—and how to get more of it. Find more health & science reporting.

Real Simple | Health

Illuminating Your Health

Get more light every day. A mountain of research shows it enhances energy, immunity, and happiness all winter.
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