In my career as a senior-level magazine editor and content strategist for print and digital media, I have honed the ability to package my stories for maximum appeal. I consider myself a visual thinker, so whether in a long-form profile or a photo essay, a survival guide, reported essay or amusing informative list, I enjoy the challenge of using words to draw—or draw together—compelling images. My wide range of interests includes but is not limited to family and parenting, psychology, food and crafts, travel and lifestyle, beauty and fashion, home and design, and I have tackled those subjects for such sites and magazines as Parents and, Real Simple, Modern Farmer, Readymade, Travel & Leisure Family, InStyle, Time Out New York, and 5Boros. I am happiest and thus do my best work when my real life intersects with a client's needs. Here, a few favorite writing clips.

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